Commercial Roofing

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Jacksonville businesses can rest easy in our capable hands. We will use your vision, business needs, and style to create commercial roofing solutions for you. Contact our experts at (904) 683-3771 or online.

Professional, Experienced Commercial Roofing Solutions

BEMAR Roofing’s team of experienced professionals will have your commercial roofing requirements met, on your schedule.

We adhere to the highest industry standards for materials and workmanship to ensure you have long-lasting roofing materials that won’t let you down. We guarantee the dependability and durability of our work.

BEMAR Roofing offers a variety of commercial roofing styles to make your business the best-dressed business on the block.

Built Up Roofing

Built up roof systems are ideal for low-slope and flat roof styles that are common with commercial properties. 

The multiple layers of asphalt and ply sheets with a cap sheet or flood coat provide exceptional protection and weather resistance for businesses. Heavy-duty protection is provided with the many layers of roofing material, ensuring that if one layer is damaged, the additional layers continue to provide safety from water damage.

Cap sheets installed by BEMAR Roofing can be white-coated to help reflect sunlight away from the building. With the intense sun of Jacksonville, a white-coated cap sheet will help lower your business’ internal temperatures, saving you money on air conditioning and energy costs.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Much like built up roof systems, modified bitumen roofing systems are ideal for commercial roofing needs. 

The asphalt in the roofing system is reinforced with polymerized rubber or plastic and fiberglass. This provides a flexible, highly waterproof membrane while still maintaining its durability.

The exceptional waterproofness of a modified bitumen roof makes it the perfect choice for low-slope and flat commercial roofs in the Jacksonville metro area, able to withstand the tropical storms and systems in Florida.

Metal Roofing

Higher profile roofs are more vulnerable to high winds, and metal roofing installed by BEMAR Roofing ensures a roof can withstand gusts up to 140mph, protecting your business and assets.

Metal roofing is an ideal commercial roofing choice for manufacturing businesses, as they are more highly fire resistant while providing enhanced energy efficiency to save on your operating costs.

TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roofing is a popular choice among property owners seeking a long-lasting and environmentally friendly roofing solution. Made from a blend of rubber, ethylene, and propylene, TPO roofs offer exceptional durability, flexibility, and resistance to weathering, UV radiation, and chemicals. These attributes make TPO roofs a reliable option for a wide range of applications, from small homes to large industrial complexes.

Steep Roofs

BEMAR Roofing has expert teams of experienced professionals that can handle roof slopes of 3:12 or higher. These slopes can provide challenges for roofing companies due to the extra safety precautions and knowledge required, but as a certified roofing company, our team is well-equipped to handle all commercial roofing installations.

Steep Roofs
Roof maintenance

Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Maintenance is critical to ensuring your commercial property remains an asset, not a liability. BEMAR Roofing is ready to schedule you for regular maintenance to protect your property and catch issues before they become major problems.

Our goal is to save you money in the long term while providing you with exceptional service.

We will inspect your commercial property’s roofs to detect leaks, cracks, and other damages and provide remediation plans to keep your property in optimal condition.

Let Us Cover Your Property’s Needs

Whether you need recommendations on roofing solutions, need to repair or replace an existing roof, or want to schedule regular maintenance on your commercial property, we are here to help. BEMAR Roofing is standing by to help with your business needs, so contact us today.